Austin Skiers

Trip Management Help

Transactions with the Treasurer

Cash Voucher

Download IET.xlsx

Financial Responsibilities - Trips

VP of Trips: Pages 1-4

Trip Chairs: start on page 5

How to Reconcile WA with the Treasurer's Report 

Trip Closeout Form 2021.xlsx

General Trip Management Information

Food and Beverage Planning

Ordering Name Badges

Wild Apricot Event Management

Navigating Wild Apricot

Processing Event Registrations 8:54 min

Recording Trip Payments

WA Email Capabilities 5 min

Adjusting or cancelling a payment

Changing Registrations


Create an Airline List 6:29 min

Create a Bus List less than 1 min

Create a Lift Ticket Order less than 1 min

Create a Lift Ticket Order with names  less than 1 min

Waitlist  Watch the video in the upper right corner of this page.

UPDATED: 08/06/20

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